Light Lunch Menu


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Classic Ploughmans

with Linconlshire Poacher,Red Leicester, Stilton cheese,Pork Pie,honey roast ham,pickled onion , warm bread and an “Apple Duck Cider Shot” £8.25

Warm bread ,Green Olive, olive oil and balsamic glazed £3.75


Caesar Salad

Crisp Kos leave, anchovies, bacon,caesar dressing,croutons £5.75

With Chicken 6.75

Roast Goat Cheese Salad

with sun blush tomato , mixed leaves and balsamic dressing £6.75

Baked Avacado & Stilton Salad


Sandwiches & Paninis

Honey Roast Ham

white bread or Multi seed £3.95

Mature Cheddar Cheese & Branston Pickle

white bread or multi seed £3.70

Mature cheddar & Tomato

white bread or multi seed £3.25

Honey Roast Ham & cheese Panini


Mature Cheese & tomato Panini


Chicken pesto Mayo Panini


Baked Potato

Melted cheese & bacon

served with salad garnish £4.75

Tuna mayo

served with salad garnish £4.75

Cheese & baked beans

served with salad garnish £ 4.50


Honey roast Ham and Cheese

served with salad garnish £4.75

Cajun Chicken

served with salad garnish £5.25

Brie and cranberry sauce melted brie


served with salad garnish £4.50

Dinner Menu



Soup of the Day

served with crusty bread £4.95

Tempura Tiger Prawns

served with chilli Jam, lemon puree curd, garnish £5.95

Potted BBQ Pork

Apple & chutney, crostini £5.75

Pan Fried King Prawn

Black Garlic butter, coriander, warm bread £6.25

Pasta & Risotto

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Served with parmesan wafer and grilled focaccia £8.25

Tagliatelle Carbonara

creamy sauce ,button mushroom , garlic bread with or without bacon £8.95

Homemade Lasagne

Served with Garlic Bread, salad garnish £8.75

Sharing Board

Baked Camembert

Oven Baked whole Camenbert, served with crusty bread, pickel silver onion,gherkin,rosemary roast baby potato £8.95

Warm Bread, Green Olive, Olive Oil and Balsamic Glaze


Pub Classic

Beef Slider on Mini Bun

with fries , burger relish £8.95

Chicken New York

Oven baked chicken breast, topped with Bbq sauce, melted cheese, gourmet chips and salad garnish £12.95

Pan Fried Liver & Bacon

creamy Mash, greens and Onion gravy £10.25

Steak & Ale Pie

Served with creamy mash,seasonal vegetables £12.25

From the Grill

8OZ Gammon Steak

served with fried egg, gourmet chips and salad garnish £9.25

Chuck Steak Burger

with smoked cheese, brioche bun, tomato chutney, chunky chips and garnish £9.75

Heart of Rump (8oz)

served with chunky chips, roasted tomato, Portobello mushroom and Garnish £16.75
Pepper sauce £1.95 Stilton Sauce £2.25

Fillet Steak (8oz)

served with chunky chips, roasted tomato and Portobello mushroom £19.95
Pepper sauce £1.95 Stilton sauce £2.25

From the Sea

Salmon Teriyaky

Oven roast salmon fillet, eggs noddles , stri fry vegetables and Teriyaky sauce £12.95

Maryland Fish & Crab Cakes

served with tartar sauce, mixed leaves £10.50

Beer Batter Fish of the Day

Chunky Chips , smashed peas, Homemade tartar sauce £9.25

Our menus are also available to download as PDF files:

The Dirty Duck Lunch Menu

The Dirty Duck Dinner Menu